Warehouse Store Inventory

WASI is a complete warehouse management system with respect to the stock inventory at stores. WASI software is developed using MS SQL as back end and front end being ASP.Net and C#. Warehouse having multiple branches can opt for a web based system, depending upon the availability of infrastructure on secured connectivity, bandwidth, internet facility etc at their locations.


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Warehouse Store Inventory


WASI Warehouse Store and Inventory HHDC software system is for computerizing the operations of a warehouse. Iterate has developed a software interface which can be used with Barcode Reader and HHDC device and same is integrated within WASI software. Once Bar Code reader is used, user need not punch the item numbers into WASI. They can simply scan (read) the bar coded item number affixed on each item with the help of the bar code reader device. Item number scanned will be captured into the system and quantity to be issued against the item can be entered.

Through this software user can computerize their sale, purchase, stock transfers and maintain their stock inventory online. They can also do physical stock taking and conduct stock audits with the help of data entered this system. Since the Hand Hel Device- HHDC- is interfaced with WASI user can easily take the stock physically using this device and upload the same in the computer and generate stock variations.

Stock increase will take place upon entering purchases and stock transfer ins. Stock decrease will take place once the items are issued by way of sale or stock transfer out of the items. Along with this Stock Adjustment Notes (SAN) can be made to adjust/ match the physical stock with computer stock.

HHDC (Hand Held Data Collector) device can be used with WASI. It helps in faster processing of transactions physically. Even Bar code reader/ scanners can be attached to the computer terminal and can be used for scanning of item number. Both options, scanning data (item number) and storing in HHDC device and then uploading of same in computer, or direct transfer of data from HHDC device to computer, is possible through WASI depending upon the hard ware infrastructure procured by the client.


WASI is a complete warehouse management system with respect to the stock inventory at stores. WASI software is developed using MS SQL as back end and front end being ASP.Net and C#. Warehouse having multiple branches can opt for a web based system (so that they can manage a centralized stock position at their main warehouse), depending upon the availability of infrastructure on secured connectivity, bandwidth, internet facility etc at their locations.

The modules available in WASI are as follows:

Purchase and procurements, Sales and issues and, Stock Transfers

Purchases and procurements can be entered into the system upon receipt of material from vendors or branches of the warehouse. This will increase the stock of the items on the computer. On issue of items to customers by way of sale or dispatch of items to branches of the warehouse, the items will be reduced from stock. Proper entry of data at the commit of transaction will help the warehouse in having an updated stock position. Similarly entry of stock transfers which is for inter branch transfers will keep the stock updated by increase through receipt and decrease through issue of items.
HHDC device can be used for capturing item number on receipt of material from vendors and in case of SRN from branches. In this case user will have visit the area where good have been downloaded and then scan the bar code of each item. If multiple quantity of a particular item is received then they can either scan that many numbers of times, or scan the item number once and then enter the total quantity received.
Stock transfer note can be prepared through this option for material transferred from one branch to the other branch of the warehouse. The function of this module will be similar to that of Customer sale. User can enter the branch to which the items have to be dispatched along with item code and item quantity. Loading of purchase order and dispatch advice will not be in this module. The screen is similar to that of dispatch advice.
Following options are available under this category/ menu
  • Reorder Level Generation
  • Purchase Order
  • Material in Transit (MIT)
  • Case Number (MIT)
  • Direct Scan Option (MIT)
  • Packing List (MIT)
  • Material Receipt Note - MRN
  • Purchase Return
  • Customer Purchase Order (CPO)
  • Pick List for Customer Sale
  • Dispatch Advice
  • Dispatch Advice Return
  • Customer Sale
  • Customer Sale Return
  • Branch Indent
  • Branch Indent Receipt
  • STN Pick List
  • Branch in Transit
  • Network Stock View
  • Item Query

Bar Code label Printing

For items that do not have item number Barcoded on labels affixed on them or, for those items on which labels are affixed, but cannot be read on the format as per the system, Barcode labels for item number will have to be printed at warehouse and same will have to be affixed on them.
Following options are available under this category/ menu
  • Barcode sticker printing for stock items
  • Bar Code sticker printing for Cases
  • Bar Code sticker printing for stock item bins

Case and Packing List Creations

Case creations and Packing list generations can be easily handled through this system. These are some of the essential features for a warehouse store management, especially when there is bulk issue of parts.
Following options are available under this category/ menu
  • Case creation for STN / Customer Sale
  • Packing List creation for STN / Customer Sale
  • Case creations amendments for STN/ Customer Sale
  • Packing List amendments for STN / Customer Sale

Physical Stock Handling and Audit of Stock

Physical stock and stock audit are distinct features of WASI software. Regular use of these options will provide the management, information on stock variations which in turn will keep the staff on alert. Once the staff is on alert chances of stock variation reduces to a large extent.
HHDC device can also be used for stock taking. User can visit the Racks where the items are stored. They will be required to scan the item number placed at the bins and enter the quantity counted for the particular item. If they want, they scan the item number with number of scans equaling the total quantity. In this type of scan user will not be required to enter quantity of the item. Hand Held Data Collector is used to read the item number from Bar code label pasted on the packing of Item. It helps complete the process accurately & faster. It increases the efficiency of warehouse and thereby save time and cost.
HHDC device has been interfaced with WASI for better, faster and effective control of stocks. Use of HHDC device in this software application will help user in picking material for issues, checking of material received from vendor for short and excess and, binning of material. Even during physical stock taking HHDC will help is faster counting of stocks. It helps users to use HHDC device for binning of material received from supplier/ branch and pick material for dispatch to customer, audit of stock, physical stock taking. Implementation of Barcode process will help the warehouse with precision in handling item numbers and save time for users in daily operations. In addition to this it will help with more than 1 stock taking in a year and random audit of physical stock.
Following options are available under this category/ menu
  • Physical Stock Entry
  • Stock Adjustment Notes
  • Audit of Stock - Stock Taking

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Frequently Asked Questions

Licensing or hosting one time or recurring annual?

Answer: One time purchase and annual hosting.

Feature upgrade will be provided or not?

Answer: Yes, provided the product is under AMC.

Whether product can be customized?

Answer: Customization is not applicable. However it may be considered case to case basis.

Can it be hosted on cloud?

Answer: Yes.

Can it be hosted on Linux?

Answer: No, It can be hosted only on windows server. It can be run from only client OS.

Will you provide the application training?

Answer: Yes, training will be provided at the time of installation. We will also provide group trainings for new staff.

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