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VeTrac has been developed by Iterate using ASP. Net and it is supported on MS SQL database as back end. The system provides for printing of bar code stickers for job number once the bar code printer is attached to the computer system on which the VeTrac software is installed. Once the bar code stickers are printed, they can be affixed on the Repair Order of the vehicle. These affixed bar coded stickers can be used for scanning at stages of activity where scanners have been installed.


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VeTrac – Vehicle Tracking Management Software System is designed for an organization dealing in aftersales (service) of automobile vehicles or, any other equipment and machinery which go through different stages of service and repair in a workshop. It is a Windows based as well as a Web based software. It can help the organization effectively monitoring the servicing of vehicles and equipment in the workshop which in turn will provide better service to their customer thereby increasing customer loyalty, which results in higher productivity.

The VeTrac software package offers a complete management on tracking of vehicles which are received by the workshop for service and repairs.

Vehicle Tracking Software system – VeTrac is for managing the track of vehicles or equipment which have been received in the service and repair workshop. It helps user check the turnaround time for repair of a vehicle and equipment from its entry into the workshop till its delivery.

VeTrac also provides for monitoring of certain activity/ operations that is carried out on a vehicle in the workshop, for mechanical, example, washing, final inspection etc. Mechanic efficiency by way of re-works on the vehicle due to sending back of the vehicle from final inspection stage to the shop floor (repair area), can be evaluated with the help of VeTrac software.


VeTrac has been developed by IIPL (Iterate India Pvt Ltd). This system is used to track vehicles during their visit to a workshop for services & repair. Vehicle tracking is monitored through a RFID (Radio Frequency Identifier Device) Tag. The RFID Tag needs to be available on the front side of the vehicle. These are two ways of having the RFID Tag in the vehicle, it can be a factory fitted Tag on the wind screen of the vehicles else a hang tag needs to be placed on the rearview mirror of the wind screen.

Hence each vehicle is assigned a RFID tag (it may be either factory fitted or manual hang tag) with a unique number. There is a RFID antenna situated at each entry/exit point of every stage at the workshop. These antennas capture the tag number within its range and further it is identified as an entry/exit for that stage, work being done at that stage or work completed for that stage. Accordingly the status of each stage is tracked and monitored through this system. Based on these tracking different reports can be generated to analyze and calculate the efficiency & utilization of each stages of the workshop & overall time spent on each vehicle along with idle time of the vehicle in the workshop.

The modules available in VeTrac are as follows:

  • One Time Definition of Master
  • VeTrac Stages (activity) Management
  • SMS Generation
  • Visual Display

The features available in each of the above modules are stated below.

One Time Definition of Master

User can define various masters which are used in the VeTrac Application. This include definition of Stages, Models, Services, Advisors and Technicians etc.

SMS Generation

SMS can be generated only if the SMS Engine software developed by IIPL has been implemented b the client. SMS Engine software is interfaced with the VeTrac software. If the customer wants to send SMS at the stage of VeTrac then customer can procure the SMS Engine software and use it in conjunction with the VeTrac software. SMS activities are internally triggered between VeTrac and SMS Engine software. SMS can be sent to vehicle customer at any stage of vehicle tracking. For example at the entry of vehicle a welcome SMS can be sent to the vehicle customer. Similarly when the vehicle is ready after final inspection, a vehicle ready SMS can be sent to the vehicle customer.
  • Create SMS template
  • Trigger setting of SMS sending

VeTrac Stages (activity) Management

  • Entry Gate Entry - Mapping of vehicle / equipment for repair
  • Capturing of Stages In and Out times
  • Vehicle Location
  • Exit Gate entry

Visual Display

The visual display of the VeTrac software can be used at the front office or customer lounge of the workshop through LCD projection screen. Vehicle customers at the customer lounge can view the stage at which their vehicle is under repair/ service. This will help them have update on the vehicle repair progress and they may not be required to interact with the front office staff.

Special Features/Advantages

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On-Premise Hosting

Product Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Licensing or hosting one time or recurring annual?

Answer: One time purchase and annual hosting.

Feature upgrade will be provided or not?

Answer: Yes, provided the product is under AMC.

Whether product can be customized?

Answer: Customization is not applicable. However it may be considered case to case basis.

Can it be hosted on cloud?

Answer: Yes. Data reading can be done on the local on premise machine and then the data can be consolidated on the cloud server.

Can it be hosted on Linux?

Answer: No, It can be hosted only on windows server. It can be run from only client OS.

Will you provide the application training?

Answer: Yes, training will be provided at the time of installation. We will also provide group trainings for new staff.

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