University ERP

University ERP Software

Iterate has developed a software application which can computerize certain major functions of a University. It helps computerize the records to the students registered with the university as well as maintain and manage the administrative data. The software has been developed in VB and works on Oracle database. The Application has 8 modules which are briefly described as follows:

Academic Module

Helps to monitor progress of each and every candidate enrolled for Research Degree study till they receive their degree. It helps university with online information on number of candidates enrolled and at different stages and maintain track of supervisors and examiners.

Affiliation Module

Facilitates on line information of all colleges, that are affiliated with the university. At any time, through this module, university can determine the colleges under temporary and permanent affiliation, colleges for which temporary affiliation needs to be converted to permanent and, compliance in college in relation to University requirement and norms.

Central Evaluation Module

Helps automate the entire evaluation process of examining answer sheets of all courses. It provides an on line information to number of copies evaluated, amount spent on evaluation and, balance copies to be checked along with the target progress chart based on number of teachers available for evaluation. System generated answer sheet evaluation bill ensures accurate payment to teachers.

Degree Module

Helps automate the Degree distribution process of University including entering of Students request for New Degree/Degree amendments, keeping track of Degree issued and pending for amendments. It also helps determine the degree stock position of printed degrees for various courses year wise.

Examination Module

Provides computerization of examination monitoring and result preparation, of under graduate and post graduate students, along with pre and post exam work. Also tracking online information of each and every students result with result statistics in various formats for all levels of university management.

Financial Accounting Module

For better financial management of University this module provides online insight to income and expense at management level. Through budget monitoring and controlling University can manage all their expense strictly in accordance with budget provision and avoid variations. Also facilitates online issue of cheques for payments to be made by University and online issue receipts for payments received from students/college / other sources.

Payroll and Human Resource Module

Payroll and HR module keep records of all staff members once put onto this system, helps generate salary and maintain proper leave records. It also facilitates entry of staff member profile on system.

Stores & Inventory Management Module

Helps consolidate the inventory of non-consumable and consumable inventory on hand. It also provides inventory on hand with the department. Consolidated and on line information helps reduce overstock and carry correct and required stock at all times resulting in saving of huge interest and other cost.

UniERP software helps computerize 8 functions of the University. It is developed in Visual Basic and SP.Net using Oracle as backend for database. The major functions of the University comprise of Academics (for Post graduate Doctorate degree), Affiliation (for college registration and affiliation with the University), Examination (to process the examination results), Financial Accounting (to computerize the accounts including the payments to be made by computer printed cheques and computer generated payment receipts for payments being received by the University), store inventory (for bringing online the consumable and non-consumables) of the university and, payroll HR functions to bring the HR records online as well as generate the payslip of the University employees.

Modular concept is used in UniERP i.e. all modules of the UniERP can work independently or they can be used in an integrated manner. Masters are common to all modules i.e. have one entry/management point of information in masters. Master related help shall be available in transactions. Master related checks and validations will be available in transactions of even the interrelated modules. It is windows based package for local area networking. The modules available in UniErp are stated below.

Academic Module

Academic module is for Research Degree courses like Ph.D /D. Litt / D.Sc. offered by University. This module helps in registration process of students for research degree courses in the university. In case the student has already enrolled in the university in the earlier courses, then their academic details of Graduation and Post Graduation is made available based on their earlier enrollment number, if available in the software. At the time of installation of the software, details for existing students will have to be entered into the software. The eligibility of the student will be validated and once he/she is eligible as per norms of university.

Following input screens are available:

  • Formation of Research Degree Committee (RDC)
  • Registration of Candidate applying for Research Degree
  • Selection of Member for Examination Panel.
  • Letter to Examiner for Consent
  • Thesis submission by candidate
  • Thesis Evaluation and Progress Monitoring
  • Thesis Approval by Examination Committee
  • Generation of Provisional Certificates

Affiliation Module

Affiliation module is used to register details of colleges that wish to take an affiliation from the University. Provision is available in the software to enter the college details with respect to number of students, college facilities for class room, library, labs, infrastructure, Principal, Managing Trustees, premise area and its lease deed etc. Norms for these courses are predefined in a master and whenever any detail of the college is entered for affiliation; the details will be validated based on these norms. Letter will be generated through the system, to be issued to the college for compliance. Once the compliance has been completed and cooling period is over, a final affiliation letter will be generated from the system.

Following input screens are available

  • Application Submission for Affiliation by colleges (Medical /Non-Medical)
  • Application Verification for NOC.
  • Examination Committee Report Entry
  • Affiliation approval and seat allotment.
  • College Management

Central Evaluation Module

Central Evaluation Module helps the university to computerize the entire evaluation process of answer books for all examinations conducted by the university. This module, in addition to regularizing the evaluation work, also helps in adhering to time bound completion of answer book evaluation. Course wise, subject wise per day Targets can be set for each examiner. Also, examiner can check copy only of the subject for which they are professors or lecturers. In case they evaluate copies of other subjects, same will be prompted by the system and entry will not be accepted.

Once the daily evaluation process is in vogue, then at any given time examiner can get their remuneration bill generated. It helps in having online information of total copies evaluated and the amount of money spent by university. Quite a few variation reports and MIS helps monitor and keeps the in charge in full control of evaluation process/ work.

Following input screens are available

  • Evaluation Schedule Entry
  • Quota Fixation for Examiners
  • Coordinator Allotment
  • QP Group Subject Master
  • Issue of Answer Books
  • Receipt of Answer Books after Evaluation
  • Generation of Examiner ProformaInvoice
  • Generation of Examiner Bill
  • Posting of Examiner Bill intoAccounts Package for cheque printing

Degree Module

Degree module helps in printing of Degree, its issue and maintenance of record/ stock of Student Degree. Details of degree issued to student and student degree yet to be issued can also be maintained through this module of the software system. This module also has a provision to print student degree.

System provides to record fee receipt of degree. Check has been provided that after recording the receipt of degree issue fee, the system will allow the issue of degree.Following screens are available:

  • Student information upload for degree printing
  • Student Request Application for Degree
  • Student Request Application for Degree Amendment
  • Degree Cancellation
  • Issue of Degree to College/Student
  • Pending Degree for Degree Amendment
  • Degree Pending for Issue

Examination Module

Examination module is for effective management of examination process of regular as well as private candidates. After papers are evaluated, marks for candidates are to be entered into the system. Result is generated based on the marks entered. Mark sheets may be printed through this system. Data for first year students can be retained and used for their subsequent years. The Examination module is divided into – Pre-Examination Part and Post Examination Part.

In Pre-Examination, option is provided to capture the UG / PG detail of student. In case of admission list being sent by colleges to the university, option is provided to enter / upload student data received from college by the university, As per this list university issues the examination forms to colleges. Number of seats per course per college is pre-determined which will be in the seat allocation master. When colleges submit the admission list to the university, system will perform certain validation on data to check for data correctness based on prefixed validations in the examination module software. Once data is final, roll number is generated for the candidates. Option is provided for Question Paper Date Time Schedule Setting.

In the Post Examination, option is provided to enter marks / upload marks. After exam is conducted, marks of students can be entered into the system, along with UFM and absent details. Post entry the tabulation register can be generated for results.

Following Input screens are available

  • Admission List entry / upload
  • Examination List entry / upload
  • Roll number generation
  • Question Paper Date & Time Schedule entry
  • Marks Update entry / Marks upload
  • Result Generation & Tabulation Chart printing
  • Generate Data discrepancy
  • Tabulation Chart correction

Financial Accounts Module

Financial Accounts module helps computerize the Financial Accounts at the University through providing maintenance of cash book, bill book and payment register of the University. The entries in the software are made under Single Entry System. Hence the Trail Balance is based on single entry made. Budgets can be created and expenditure against them can be monitored through this system. Different type of payments and bills can be maintained through different registers. For eg, payment on account of central evaluation and TA/DA bills, can be maintained through 2 different registers in this system. Option to post vouchers is available in online or batch mode.

Budget module can be used for entering yearly budget figures for different budget codes/ accounts. Each Budget account should be mapped with their respective GL (General Ledger) account. The budget figures shall be used to generate the variance report. Ideally the budget should be entered for whole year in the beginning of the year.

Following input screens are available

  • Login Screen Bills (Bill Entry)
  • Advance Adjustment
  • Budget Master – Entry of Budget
  • Login Screen Receipt (Receipt Entry)
  • Void Receipt Entry
  • Cash Deposit in Bank
  • Login Screen Payment (Payment Preparation)
  • Bank Transfer
  • Void Cheque Number Entry (Entry of unusable cheques)

Payroll and Human Resource Module

Payroll and Human Resource module is to computerize the data of university employees, keep track of their profile and generate salary in addition to maintenance of their salary and leave records. Salary would be computed based on the basic pay of employee. Every month the leave details of every employee will have to be entered onto the system. Based on leaves entered, basic pay in master and calculation criteria, salary will be generated for all employees. Loan status will be available based on loans given and repaid. PF and ESI deduction will be made based on basic earned and deduction percentage in PF master. Income Tax and other deductions to be deducted will have to be entered into the system. This could be entered every month as well as at yearend. However separate PF, ESI, Income Tax, TDS, Gratuity and any other type of earning and deduction package will have to be used for detailed working on these areas. It will not be available as part of this software.

Following input screens are available

  • Salary Formulae Definition
  • Leave Maintenance
  • Monthly Salary Generation for regular and fixed pay staff
  • Arrear Formulae Definition & Generation
  • Pay Scale Revision
  • Loan & Advance disbursal amount entry
  • Loan & Advance deduction Entry
  • Entry of Employee data into Employee Service Book
  • Employee leave record entry
  • Suspended Employee Master Entry

Stores & Inventory Management Module

Stores and Inventory Management module will help computerize the store of the university. Inventory of Central as well as Departmental stores can be maintained through this system. Provision to issue purchase orders to vendors and keep track of the delivery and timely supply is available in this module. Stock can be maintained for consumable and non-consumable both.

Following input screens are available

  • Indent Entry by Different Department / Section
  • Indent Receipt by Central Stores
  • Indent Compilation
  • Entry of Purchase Order given to vendor
  • Entry of Material Received from vendor (MRN)
  • Entry of MRN Return
  • Entry of Material Issued to Department
  • Entry of Material Receipt from Department
  • Accept of Material Receipt by Department from Central Store
  • Reject of Material Receipt by Department from Central Store
  • Stock Ledger Generation
  • Stock Summary Generation
  • Entry of Stock Adjustment

1. The product is Windows based and the license to this product is sold client based per computer server

2. The license fee is a one time license fee for the product

3. Thereafter Annual Maintenance Contract is available for annual support.

4. The warranty is for 6 months from the date of sale

5. The product supports up to 100 users depending upon the client hardware infrastructure and the database and other supporting software (Windows) etc procured and installed by the client on their server

Iterate has provided UniEPR software System to CSJM University, Kanpur, India and it is being used by them for their operations for past 8 years

Product Support

Iterate provides Support on this product is provided through:

  • Installation Training at the time of installation of the software
  • Remote Login Support from IIPL Office
  • Email/ NetChat and telephonic interaction
  • On Site visit support (at client request)
  • Handholding training and support (at client request)