Student Management System

Student Admission and Management

STAM has been developed for computerization of the Student Admission and Examination process of a University. It has primarily two modules which are as follows:

Student Admission and Registration -Capturing of Profile of the student at the stage of admission. This will include Student Registration, Student Re-registration and Student Fee Management

Examination (Pre and Post) - result preparation on semester basis which will contain entry of marks and preparation of Tabulation Register along with printing of Mark sheet, Degree, Migration Certificate, Character Certificate

Along with the above two modules there is an inbuilt feature of safe security in the software system with respect to user ID creation and definition of user access to the software.

The Admissions and Examination Module

Through this module, student’s data can be captured in the system right from the time of the admission and enrollment of the student till the final semester of the student. Entire data of the student for the 5 years can be managed through this module.

This software would prove to be an effective tool as it incorporates all the various activities of admission and examination process of the University. It maintains all the official documents by keeping in mind the accuracy, reliability, security and confidentiality of the information.

Information regarding student admission, allotment of enrolment number, allotment of section, print desk slip, examination schedule, evaluation status and student strength etc. can be retrieved quickly as the software incorporates code optimization and well-designed back-end.

Printing of student’s marksheet, tabulation chart, various certificate and degree certificates etc. can be accomplished through this software.

As per the admission lists finalized by the University counseling team after receiving common university admission test (entrance test) merit list provided to the University, this software will help enter the data of student from the time of the admission and enrollment of the student till their last record for the course pursued in the University. Their track will be maintained by unique ID/Enrollment number allotted to them at the time of giving admission to the student. Student’s details of their name, father name, address, cast category, previous academic details, entrance test rank and domicile information will be captured at the time of admission and all current data created in University records will be updated in their profile.

It provides computerization of result preparation on semester basis for the student enrolled with the University. Student’s marks can be entered by the teacher through online and based on the marks entered marksheet and tabulation chart can be prepared.

This module is to computerize the student results for all the 5 years. It will have a single student ID for all 5 years for the student. Once answer sheet are evaluated, marks for student will have to be entered by the teacher online into the system. Results can be prepared based on marks entered. Data for first year students can be retained and used for the second semester and thereafter subsequent semester for all 5 years. Provision for entry of marks for repeat exam paper will also be available.

This is a web based software written in ASP.Net, C# with Oracle 11g as backend for database.

Admission and Pre Exam Module

The admission process and pre-requisites for commencement of examinations are prepared with the help of this module options.

  • Admission Entry
  • Enrollment Number Generation
  • Exam Schedule Generation
  • Print Desk Slip
  • Print Attendance Sheet
  • Assign Teacher to Section

Post Exam Module

The options available in this menu help in handling the official procedures after completion of the examination.

  • Marks Entry
  • Marks Slip Printing
  • Marks Sheet Printing
  • Tabulation Chart Printing
  • Provisional Degree Certificate
  • Degree Printing
  • Print Character Certificate
  • Print Migration Certificate
  • Bonafide Certificate
  • Provisional Statement of Grades

Admin Module

This option is only for admin user. Admin user is a super user of this system. The features are available in admin module as follows:-

  • Promote a Student
  • Drop / Migration of Student
  • Debar a Student
  • Account Debit for the Student
  • Marksheet Correction
  • Re-Marksheet Printing
  • Allow Student for Year Back
  • Upload Data from Student Portal

Registration Module

This option is a part of student portal. If a student will pass the current year/ semester examination need to re-registration to the next year/semester. This option is a part of student portal. This student portal is a restricted portal and only authorized student can login in this portal.

  • Student Login
  • Student Home Page
  • Student Profile
  • Student Academic Profile
  • Print Dues
  • Print Bank Challan
  • Download Registration Data

Year Back Module

If a student is failed to fulfil the promotion criteria of the University then student will be devalued and he/she need to re-registration under the year back process. This option is a part of student portal.

  • Student Login
  • Student Home Page
  • Student Profile
  • Student Academic Profile
  • Print Dues
  • Print Bank Challan
  • Download Year Back Data

Repeat Exam Module

Failed or absent students in main examination will be re-appeared in repeat examination held by the University. The repeat examination process details are maintained through this option.

  • Student Login
  • Student Home Page
  • Student Profile
  • Student Academic Profile
  • Print Paper & Fee Details
  • Print Bank Challan

1. The product is Web based and the license to this product is sold client based per computer web server

2. The license fee is a one time license fee for the product

3. Thereafter Annual Maintenance Contract is available for annual support.

4. The warranty is for 6 months from the date of sale

5. The product supports up to 100 users depending upon the client hardware infrastructure and the database and other supporting software (Windows) etc procured and installed by the client on their server

Iterate provides this software as ready to use and also provides certain level of customization incase the client wishes to get them done.

Product Support

Iterate provides Support on this product is provided through

  • Installation Training at the time of installation of the software
  • Remote Login Support from IIPL Office
  • Email/ NetChat and telephonic interaction
  • On Site visit support (at client request)
  • Handholding training and support (at client request)