SMS Engine

Short Message Service Engine

SMS Engine – SMS Engine Software System - is designed for an organization dealing in any type of service to their client by way of sales or service. It is a Windows based as well as Web based software. Depending upon their requirement, the client can opt for a windows based or a web based SMS Engine software. It helps the organization in increasing productivity and provides better service to their customer by remaining in regular touch with their customer base. The SMS Engine software package offers a complete management on SMS sent to the clients. It also has a provision for handling the NDNC registered numbers, which can be checked online or through file down load database available from NDNC registry. NDNC is for Do Not Disturb registry where mobile users who do not wish to have commercial SMS register themselves.

SMS Engine Software system – SMS Engine is for managing SMS that need to be sent to the clients. User can send SMS to their client as and when required. They need to have an SMS pack from service provider which would be used for sending the SMS using the SMS Engine. SMS can be loaded onto the computer system which needs to be connected to the internet. User can send SMS using the internet transmit option or use a GSM device (modem) for sending the SMS.

SMS can be of following types:

  • regular basis SMS
  • activity (transaction) basis SMS
  • any specific occasion (broadcast) basis SMS

SMS can also be classified as Commercial SMS or Service SMS.

SMS Engine has been developed by Iterate using ASP. Net and it is supported on MS SQL database as back end. The system needs to be configured with an SMS pack which is provided by the Service Provider. The system needs to be configured with an SMS pack which is provided by the Service Provider. The man effort for configuring the SMS Engine with the SMS pack will depend upon the service pack taken by the client. The SMS pack and configuration will be extra cost.

The recipient of the SMS can be validated for NDNC registration through online check with NDNC Registry or by down loading the file from the Registry on regular basis. If the SMS is to be sent using the GSM device, then validation for NDNC will be done through the file download of NDNC numbers which are registered with NDNC Registry. User can also identify against the customer code, in case the SMS is not be sent to the customer. If this is made false (for SMS not be sent to the customer), then the SMS Engine will not send the SMS to the particular customer.

  • SMS Delivery Response
  • NDNC Restricted SMS

The modules available in SMS Engine are as follows:

  • SMS Pack Provider Information
  • SMS Activity Definition settings
  • SMS Text Definition
  • SMS General Message Creation
  • SMS Sending
  • SMS Tracking
  • SMS Resending
  • SMS Delivery Response
  • NDNC Restricted SMS

User can predefine the SMS content that needs to be sent. They can be defined activity wise as well as in general form for broadcast.

There will be 2 type of lines available from Service provider - Service Line and Marketing Line. User can identify in the SMS Engine on which line is being used (one time) for sending SMS. Accordingly the validations will be applied. User will need to ensure the safety with NDNC rules while using either of these 2 lines.

Activity based SMS can help customers know the status of their transaction if the transaction that is being done by the company with them, is divided into different stages of work. MIS Reports available in the SMS Engine Software help monitor the status of SMS sent and delivered to the recipients. Report can also be generated for checking the number of SMS sent under different activities.

The features available in each of the above modules are stated below.

SMS Pack Provider Information

This form can be used to enter the details like service provider name of the Service Provider from whom the SMS pack would be purchased by the client along with, short name of the organization (client), user id, password, SMS sending, SMS response and SMS balance Domain IP address.

SMS Activity Definition settings

This form can be used by the user to define the different type of activity based SMS that they would like to send. Activities like Insurance renewal reminders, delivery status of parcels, delivery status of items that have been booked by clients of the organization, status of vehicles which are under repair and service, Birthday and Anniversary greetings, etc.

User will be required to transaction activity code, and transaction activity description and the periodicity, validity, time exceptions for sending the SMS under the defined activity.

SMS Text Definition

User can enter the SMS text and the fields which will have variable information like customer name, registration number etc against the defined transaction type. The size of the SMS text including the variable information should be within the prescribed limit of one SMS size, else if it is more, then multiple of that many SMS will be applicable at the time of sending the SMS.

SMS General Message Creation

General Messages can be created using this option of the SMS Engine. Messages for New Year Greetings, Independence Day Greetings etc can be created from this form. User can enter the SMS text which needs to be sent as a general message. Here the user will be required to identify an xls file from which the mobile number of the customers to whom the SMS is to be sent, is to be picked. The same message will be sent to all the customers, whose numbers are given in the xls file and if it has been defined in the creation of the SMS, then customer name and other information which are variable, will be picked from the xls.

SMS Sending

Through this option user can send SMS to the customers after they have been finalized and are ready to be sent. User can enter into this option and simply send the SMS that have been created.

SMS Tracking

SMS Tracking option helps monitor and check for SMS that have been sent and delivered or are still pending to be delivered.

SMS Resending

SMS Resending option facilitates the resending of SMS that have been sent but not yet delivered. User can resend the undelivered SMS using this option.

SMS Delivery Response

Through this option user can check the SMS delivery response status of the SMS that have been sent.

NDNC Restricted SMS

NDNC Restricted SMS option will provide list of SMS that could not be sent due to NDNC registry check.

1. The product is Web based and the license to this product is sold client based per computer web server

2. The license fee is a one time license fee for the product

3. Thereafter Annual Maintenance Contract is available for annual support

4. The warranty is for 6 months from the date of sale

5. The product supports up to 100 users depending upon the client hardware infrastructure and the database and other supporting software (Windows) etc procured and installed by the client on their server

Iterate has provided SMS Engine system to more than 600 clients including dealers and service stations of General Motors and Maruti Suzuki in India and it is being used by them for their operations for past 4-5 years

Product Support

Iterate provides Support on this product is provided through

  • Installation Training at the time of installation of the software
  • Remote Login Support from IIPL Office
  • Email/ NetChat and telephonic interaction
  • On Site visit support (at client request)
  • Handholding training and support (at client request)