Our Services

Our Services

Iterate can provide complete solution to computerize the whole or part of business process of any organization or institution. Iterate team will understand the working and processes along with the volume and load of operations of the organization. Accordingly the feasibility report is prepared and the required infrastructure to operate an application is suggested to the client. In depth knowledge of Iterate in various business and institutional segments/ area and of, multitude volumes, helps Iterate in recommending its clients the hardware and infrastructure procurement specifications so that the client can call for rates and purchase them directly.

Study of whether to set up a LAN or a WAN environment and using application over internet in secured or open mode is also conducted by Iterate team and recommended to the client, depending upon the usage and criticality of the application. Iterate has provided this type of study and facilitated the implementation of same with large number of clients of Iterate’s product users.

Iterate has provided networking connectivity solution over closed and open internet environment to quite a few clients depending upon their requirements.

Iterate has developed and provided customized software solutions in real estate, education, sales and service operations, warehouse management segments. The solution includes complete study of business requirement and its understanding till translating it into user need fulfillment through IT and then, development of the software to be followed by deployment of the software developed. Customized solutions have been provided in using Foxpro, Visual Basic, Dot Net and Oracle Forms as front end and Oracle and MS SQL as back end.

Iterate, other than developing software, has focused on implementation and post implementation support which is the key reason for success of any software utilization. Software development is more than providing for the current customer demands. Focus is also kept on what could be the future customer demands from the current operations of the client. Iterate does not miss focus on it. While studying customer needs, the Iterate team tries to visualize what could be required by the customer in the immediate future at the time of implementation of the software.

Iterate has developed products in various disciplines/ stream and business segment/ area. Multi discipline and cross section working has helped Iterate garner knowledge which helps it provide customized solutions of any nature. Iterate core team is fast to understand the user needs by studying their manual or semi computerized business processes in any type of business segment like real estate, education, hospitality, chain management, Warehouse management, sales and after sale management etc.

All products delivered from Iterate carry an in depth study of business processes, knowledge on ground level working at client location and correct mapping of business process with perspective of IT working/ deliverables.

Iterate has developed and implemented following products at reputed business organizations like Maruti Suzuki, General Motors, KIA Motors, Club Patio (Club and hospitality), Unitech (Real Estate and Construction Company)

Iterate has also developed an ERP solution and the same has been implemented and functional at State level University in India – CSJM University, Kanpur which offers an Affiliation to 400 colleges and conducts examination for approx. 500,000 student.

Products from Iterate include lot of multi segment/ area operations.

Iterate has a team of professionals that provide training and support on software applications – customized and packaged. The team has in-depth knowledge of products on which they provide trainings and support. Training and support, both, are provided at client site as well as through Virtual Class room created at Iterate’s office. Iterate has a continuous mechanism of feedback along with ratings on training and support which helps in improvement and advancements in its efforts.

Onsite training team is specialized to provide trainings at client specific locations on software customized applications and software products. Similarly the Virtual Class room at Iterate is fully equipped to provide offsite trainings to clients who can make use of offsite trainings for their staff.

Iterate has conducted more than 2500 trainings of different level of profile of client executives. Offsite as well as on site trainings have been provided in India and other countries.

The support team of Iterate provides off site assistance on operations of software and helps users trouble shoot their problems related to applications. As per requirement the support team also visits the client location to provide hands on onsite support to application users. Both these activities are performed for Indian and overseas clients of IIPL.

Here is the year by year Technology Progress bar:

  • Basic Language Iterate started its working with Basic Language the most predominant language after Cobol, Fortran and Pascal
    1982Basic Language
  • Cobol Iterate developed software using DBASE language which was being widely used for micro computers
  • Foxbase/Dbase Q Basic or Quick Basic as it was commonly called, was used by Iterate to ensure it has the expertise on the latest development program tool
  • Fox Pro Fox Pro, the most common database software application development software was one of the most successful products of Microsoft. Iterate transferred its development in Fox base to Foxpro for all its PC based applications
    1988Fox Pro
  • Visual Fox Pro Visual Foxpro was taken up by Iterate since it provided GUI based application development in Windows environment. Iterate was quick to add this development to its profile and even changed certain DOS based Foxpro applications to VFP based software applications
    1994Visual Fox Pro
  • Oracle D2K Oracle D2K was used by Iterate for mid segment size software developments for main frame computer system
    1999Oracle D2K
  • Visual Basic For providing effective GUI based applications on Windows Iterate started developing windows based applications in Visual Basic on client server architecture
    2002Visual Basic
  • Dot Net, C# , Oracle Forms Iterate was fast to adapt to its development of Web based applications to meet the growing demand of browser based applications
    2007Dot Net, C# , Oracle Forms
  • Oracle Golden Gate Iterate mastered the use of Oracle Golden Gate for data replication and broadcast for multi unit project where data needs to be maintained in a centralized as well as decentralized mode on real time basis.
    2011Oracle Golden Gate
  • Android / Java / Mobile Computing Android based application for operations on Tablet and iPad have been developed by Iterate. Certain mobile computing components of Iterate’s application have been developed as a part of Tablet and iPad applications.
    2012Android / Java / Mobile Computing