We Thrive on Client’s Trust

We 'earn money' by winning over the trust of our clients and keeping them satisfied; we do not ‘make money’ through shortcuts, says Brijesh Nigam , Managing Director, Iterate India Pvt. Ltd., talking to Nirmal Anshu Ranjan of ENN

You are operating since 1982.Tell us something about the company and its operations?

The company Iterate India Pvt. Ltd was formed in 1986. However, we had been planning to form it since 1982. We started it as Technocrat Business Data Center, TBDC, in 1982. There were 4 people in the beginning and now it is more than 100 people who are managing this show. Starting from very small jobs, we gradually started foraying into different segments in order to get business. We got our first manor assignment from State Bank of India and then an order from LIC also. Those were small orders, but the contract duration stretched over four-five years and. Plus, getting it from SBI was also a great boost. Initially our efforts were to get bulky orders only. Starting from LICs and Bank, we continue to do business with them. After that, we began targeting universities and offered software solutions as computerization of entrance examinations and end-to-end solutions for educational institutes and universities.

What did you exactly do at these places?

As for Maruti, we have developed a workshop management system and are still providing support to 850 workshops. We have done around 2000 installations for Maruti Dealers. They have transferred their DMS (Dealer Management System) to us. At MASS (Maruti Authorized Service Stations), where you get your car repaired, the software update is done by us. The data consolidation and reports to sales department of Maruti are being sent by us through the online systems developed by us. We provide software support to Maruti for their 3S (Service, Sales and Spare Parts). Similar to Maruti, we also developed software solutions for 350 dealerships of General Motors. All the dealership locations of GM are connected to its central server.

How do you think that Iterate has an edge over its rivals?

We neither give our-of-box solutions or software, or offer out-of-the-world services. We focus on the lowest level people, the actual users, and how they would like to see the system and what is the perception of top level people.

If, you are catering to the delivery needs, be sure you offer dedicated, personalized and committed services. In our client list, you may not find thousands of clients; but whatever clients we have, they are large and satisfied clients. I want to tell a fact here; no matter whether I have a large client or small client, we give due importance to both and ensure that the client is satisfied to the hilt. The reputation built over 32 years should not be spoilt. I also tell to my team as well that if you can do it the right way, do it, or else leave it. I insist that they work according to the company’s policy. My policy is whether you make profit or incur loss, you need to make clients satisfied. There is always a difference between earning money and making money. My policy is to earn money rather than making money.

Narendra Modi has embarked on Digital India mission, wherein most of the IT players have a role to play. Do you look forward to a share in the cake?

Yes, we look forward opportunities… We have already started participating in government tendering processes, interacting with ministries, opening those channels and trying to seize upon the opportunity. We are contributing to the Digital India campaign by offering our cutting-edge expertise, so as to make it a huge success. This, in turn, will get us business and earn money. We are also tying up with the IT companies in the government sector.

Here is the year by year progress of Iterate:

  • Banking and construction Banking project was the first project for Iterate to start its operations in 1982. It was computerization of Bankers warrants for banks multiple clients. In this year itself Iterate also started its development of application for construction industry which was to keep accounts of overseas workers of construction companies and their material inventory
    1982Banking and construction
  • InsuranceInsuranceIterate developed application for computerizing the premium due notices and receipt deposits of insurance premiums along with the account balance and loan details of policy holders
  • Education Applications for computerization of Entrance and regular examination works which included pre and post exam processing was developed by Iterate in 1984 and used for result preparation of multiple Universities
  • Manufacturing and Real EstateApplication to computerize the production, sale and inventory of manufacturing unit was developed by Iterate. It was implemented to computerize these activities of manufacturing units. Real Estate Application was developed by Iterate to computerize the sale of property which included maintaining of customer (property holder) billing, receipts and ledgers. It also included the computerization of financial accounts and payroll of the real estate organization
    1985Manufacturing and Real Estate
  • Health care VHealthcare application computerizes the Inpatient, Outpatient, doctor and hospital records, hospital inventory and medicine inventory along with financial accounts, developed by Iterate to automate hospitals and nursing homes
    1989Health care
  • Automobile Looking at the growing automobile market in India, Iterate started development of a dealer management software system which could help dealer computerize their show room and workshop, as well as provide an excellent service to their customers. It helps the auto dealer computerize all their activities including inventory, sale, purchase, warranty etc. Started in 1992, this application is still being advanced at all fronts, latest being use of Tablet and iPAD for customer interface
  • Hospitality Iterate entered into development of application which could computerize Clubs and small to medium size hotels in hospitality sector. Activities of Front office, back office, inventory, financial accounts etc can be automated including membership annual subscription fee and monthly billing
  • Heavy Equipment IndustryApplication for computerization of sale, purchase, inventory and accounts of Heavy Equipment Industry which includes overseas transaction was developed by Iterate
    2000Heavy Equipment Industry
  • Higher Education University Iterate mastered the use of Oracle Golden Gate for data replication and broadcast for multi unit project where data needs to be maintained in a centralized as well as decentralized mode on real time basis.
    2003Higher Education University
  • Sales and Logistics SystemsSoftware application to computerize the sales and distribution system of an organization at different levels, was developed by Iterate in 2007. It helps an organization to automate the product distribution and sales accounts of their network
    2007Sales and Logistics Systems
  • SMS Engine SMS Engine has been developed by Iterate which can be interfaced with any application to send and manage SMS. With little customization, the SMS Engine can be easily interfaced with any third party software application
    2009SMS Engine
  • Warehouse Application with HHDC interfaceWarehouse Application with HHDC interface can computerize functions of a warehouse store along with use of Hand Held Data Collector & Scanner device. It can expedite in audit of stock and, annual as well as interim stock taking of the warehouse
    2010Warehouse Application with HHDC interface
  • Integration with Golden GateIntegration of applications using Oracle Golden Gate has been developed by Iterate for organization which wish to consolidate their distributed data into a central system
    2011Integration with Golden Gate

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