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Once you graduate from your college, before embarking on your professional career, it is important to ask yourself if you are fully prepared. Rather than immediately starting to apply for all and sundry jobs, take a moment to reflect on what you want to do for the rest of your life. This is the most important decision that you will perhaps make in your entire life. It will shape your life achievement.


In order to be successfully selected in your job interview you need to show-case your knowledge, capabilities, commitment and enthusiasm for the job you are applying for- all within few minutes. In order to be selected from among the hundreds of others candidates you have to come across as a skilled young professional and have a USP that will make you stand out. How will you transition from being a carefree student to a committed professional?

Iterate Finishing Schools has been conceived by an Industry veteran to bridge this gap – between a carefree student to a committed professional and ,what the student knows and what the industry wants from him/her.

Iterate takes fresh Engineering graduates, identifies the learning gaps that are there in each individual and then puts them through an intensive 5 month program to hone their skills and bring them to a level where they can understand and deliver on the job. So that when they go to work, they are confident and productive.

At Iterate Finishing School, as a part of the process we will map each entrant’s ability, interest and aptitude and direct them towards the best fit because we recognise that there are opportunities other than only software development. And there are fantastic opportunities open in areas of support, technical writing, etc that one can harness for a successful career in the Tech industry. We identify the growth segments of the industry, in consultation with our industry partners, chart out the career path and the skill set needed to start and grow in the chosen segment. Each person who is at Iterate Finishing School has a mentor who not only helps them fill their knowledge gaps, but steers the individual on a progressive path of constant learning and improvement, so that the person is initiated on a fulfilling and rewarding career path.

Once, after your engineering graduation you invest in yourself by attending the Iterate Finishing School, you can be assured that you will:

Stand out from the rest during job interviews
Get a job in the field that is of your interest

And will be able to contribute to the organisation from Day 1- thus setting your-self up for growth and success as well as have a clear career growth path which you can chart out and follow to reach your dream job!

At Iterate we provide you with the parachute and the navigation support to not only land on your feet, but to arrive at your target job, once you take the plunge from student life to professional life.

According to a 2016 report by job skills credentialing company Aspire Minds, nearly 80 percent of engineering graduates in India are not employable. It is also reported that 95 per cent of engineers in the country were not fit for software development jobs.

Most of them are forced to take up jobs in non-engineering fields or remain unemployed. This is a very unfortunate state of affairs -especially for the students, who have spent their precious years, effort and money on getting that coveted Engineering degree.

The question is, when the industry is starved for talent and getting the right manpower is considered the single most impediment to business growth, why are our engineering grads not finding gainful employment?

The Aspiring Minds study claimed that only 4.77 per cent candidates could write the correct logic for a programme—a minimum requirement for any programming job. More than 36,000 engineering students form IT-related branches of over 500 colleges took Automata—a Machine Learning based assessment of software development skills—and more than 60% could not even write code that compiles. Only 1.4 per cent could write functionally correct and efficient code, it said. These are very scary but real statistics.

When embarking on your professional journey, you don’t want to be on the back foot. You want to go out there and score to the best of your ability. But do you have what it takes? Do you know what is expected of you?

Software Development

Learning the fundamentals of Software development life cycle that includes software design and development, coding, Unit testing and quality assurance. It includes creation of web pages, web services and API development and report writing. Students will be able to handle insert, modify and delete data.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality Assurance course is for the student who want to pursue their carrier in the growing field of quality assurance. Training will be provided to students to test the software and perform quality check. They will be given the training in writing of test case, execute the test cases and create defect register. Student will perform different level of testing like Regression testing, Integration testing etc.

Software Support

Software Support course is for the students who have good command in communication skills and handling of database. Course includes training on software installation, database installation, writing queries, triggers and views. Student will be able to backup and restore the database.

Technical Writing

In a Technical Writing course student will be able to write technical document which are used in software development life cycle. Student will be able to create SRS , ER diagrams, HLD, LLD and other documents. They will also be writing the Software User Operation Guide.

Written Test

Students will be required to appear for a written test. Written test is designed to assess student in logistics, database and coding language. This is a quick initial assessment to understand student’s aptitude and level of comprehension in programming skill, logical aptitude and fluency in technical (English) language.


Once Student clears the written test they will be required to appear for a face to face interview. Interview will be to test their programming skills, database knowledge and fluency in technical English language.


Based on above two assessments, students will be offered one of 4 courses offered at IFS. Each student will be individually counseled on the course being offered. Student will be informed about future scope and job prospects of course offered. The student will have the final choice to join the particular course being offered.


Senior Professional
Developers as Guide

Hard core



Personal Mentor
to each

Here is the year by year Technology Progress bar:


Basic Language

Iterate started its working with Basic Language the most predominant language after Cobol, Fortran and Pascal.



Iterate developed software using DBASE language which was being widely used for micro computers.



Q Basic or Quick Basic as it was commonly called, was used by Iterate to ensure it has the expertise on the latest development program tool.


Fox Pro

Fox Pro, the most common database software application development software was one of the most successful products of Microsoft. Iterate transferred its development in Fox base to Foxpro for all its PC based applications.


Visual Fox Pro

Visual Foxpro was taken up by Iterate since it provided GUI based application development in Windows environment. Iterate was quick to add this development to its profile and even changed certain DOS based Foxpro applications to VFP based software applications.


Oracle D2K

Oracle D2K was used by Iterate for mid segment size software developments for main frame computer system.


Visual Basic

For providing effective GUI based applications on Windows Iterate started developing windows based applications in Visual Basic on client server architecture.


Dot Net, C# , Oracle Forms

Iterate was fast to adapt to its development of Web based applications to meet the growing demand of browser based applications.


Oracle Golden Gate

Iterate mastered the use of Oracle Golden Gate for data replication and broadcast for multi unit project where data needs to be maintained in a centralized as well as decentralized mode on real time basis.


Android / Java / Mobile Computing

Android based application for operations on Tablet and iPad have been developed by Iterate. Certain mobile computing components of Iterate’s application have been developed as a part of Tablet and iPad applications.

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