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IFC software is designed by Iterate for organizations that need to have a feedback from their clients. This feedback is instant because it helps take the customer feedback on the computer system and is instantly considered for analysis and is available to the management immediately for review.


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Instant Feedback Online Card

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IFC is a Web based software and can be implemented on a computer system which is connected to organization’s network server over a secured internet from a different location.

It should help the organization in increasing productivity and provide better service to your customer thereby increasing customer loyalty. The IFC software package offers a complete management on analyzing customer feedback based on the questions given in the Instant Feedback Card screen.

IFC is an Online Instant Feedback Card System and an easy-to-use response system that obtains immediate feedback from customers on the questionnaire preset by the company. This system works on a Touch Screen Monitor, using which customer can enter their response to the preset questions.

Instant Feedback Card Software system –

IFC is for managing the customer feedback which is received at the organization. The feedback can be for a sale or aftersales activity. It can be taken from customer who have purchased any item or have got any item serviced from the organization. It can also be taken by an organization which has multiple outlets.

At each outlet a Kiosk for feedback may be set up and connected with the organizations server through secured internet. Once the customer gives the feedback on the Kiosk, the same will be instantly available at the main office of the organization which has access to the server.

Based on the implementation of an SMS Engine

at the organization, a thank you SMS can be sent to the customer who has entered their feedback in the kiosk.

If the customer has expressed some type of a dis-satisfaction in the feedback, a SMS can be generated to the account lead of the customer so that they may immediately contact the customer and address their concern.


IFC also provides for monitoring through analysis of certain activity/ operations that is carried out during sales or aftersales. The questions in the feedback questionnaire can be designed in a way to get the desired analysis. It can also help in check for repeat performance on aftersales. The Feedback from the customer can be directly related to the particular document vide which the sales or service transaction was provided. It will help is precise mapping of the feedback. MIS Reports available in the IFC Software help monitor the efficiency of Sales Consultants in sales department and of Service Advisors in aftersales department.

IFC has been developed by Iterate using ASP.Net and it is supported on MS SQL database as back end. The system provides for capturing of customer feedback on screen, questions for which can be set by the user. The questions set will be uniform for feedbacks from all customers. Basis the feedback entered MIS and reports can be generated.

The modules available in IFC are as follows:

  • Questionnaire Form
  • Feedback Form
  • Upload Data
  • Send Feedback Link
  • Feedback Entry
  • Feedback Analysis

The options/ features available for entry in each of the above modules are stated below.

Questionnaire Form

This form is for entering the questions that need to be asked to the customer during the feedback. Set of 15 questions can be entered in this form. Rating along with weightage for each question can be defined and overall calculation can be set based on question ratings and weightage.

Upload Data

User can upload the data from excel file in the pre-defined format.

Feedback Entry

Using feedback entry option faculty/students/party can enter their feedback. This feedback form will appear based on information or data capture through feedback form creation, course wise faculty wise feedback form creation and attribute entry.

Feedback Form

The feedback form is used to enter the feedback by the customer. Touch Screen monitor (attached to the computer) can be provided to enter the feedback. A well designed Kiosk can be used to place this system at an appropriate space in the organization to take customer feedback.
Customer will be required to enter the document number against which they would like to give their feedback. Once they enter their document number, their mandatory information will be displayed on the screen. They can check it and proceed to enter the feedback. Customer will have the option to abandon the feedback anytime during the entry, in case they chose not to continue with the feedback.
After the feedback is entered and saved, an SMS will be generated thanking the customer for feedback. If the feedback is negative then the message will have the contact name and number of the person to be contacted to have their issue addressed. Simultaneously a SMS will be sent to the Sales Consultant of Sales or Service Advisor for Aftersales. SMS functionality will work if the SMS Engine software has been procured along with the IFC by the organization.

Feedback link can be send for data uploaded in the system. User can select the feedback form that is to be filled by the customer.

Feedback Analysis

Feedback analysis is the process of setting up objectives by customer and reviewing how customer performed.

Special Features/Advantages

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Product Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Licensing or hosting one time or recurring annual?

Answer: One time purchase and annual hosting.

Feature upgrade will be provided or not?

Answer: Yes, provided the product is under AMC.

Whether product can be customized?

Answer: Customization is not applicable. However it may be considered case to case basis.

Can it be hosted on cloud?

Answer: Yes.

Can it be hosted on Linux?

Answer: No, It can be hosted only on windows server. It can be run from only client OS.

Will you provide the application training?

Answer: Yes, training will be provided at the time of installation. We will also provide group trainings for new staff.

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