Sales and Service System

Sales and Service of Heavy and Light Equipment

SASE – Sales and Service of Heavy and Light Equipment

SaSe is a software designed for an organization dealing in sales as well as in service of a product. It is a Windows based as well as a Web based software. It should help the organization in increasing productivity and provide better service to your customer thereby increasing customer loyalty. The package has the Pre-Sales & Sales, After Sales - Service and Parts Management modules for a sales and service organization.

SaSe software has 3 modules – Sales, Service and Spares. We are providing the write up for all 3 modules. All the 3 modules are integrated as well as independent. Depending upon your need you may procure the same. Basis your user requirement, we can provide a module independently or all three together.

Through Presales and sales module, user can enter and track all the enquiries till they are converted to sales. Enquiries which do not convert to sales can be updated as failed enquiries in the system. Entry of purchase and sale of product will help maintain the stock ledger of product/ item.

The aftersales module of SASE helps user computerize the service and repair operations of the product / equipment. User can create job card, issue parts, apply labor and then close the job card by billing. CRM activities post service and repair can help the company in retaining their customers for a long run. Parts Management is also made easier with this module. Purchase and sale of parts including stock transfer helps user maintain online inventory of items/ parts and lubricants / accessories.

The SASE software is available in Windows as well as Web based versions. Depending upon user requirement, user can select the version to purchase. The windows version will work on LAN and Web version will work on internet browser.

SaSe -Sales and Service Heavy and Light Equipment software

SaSe software has 3 modules – Sales, Service and Spares. We are providing the write up for all 3 modules. All the 3 modules are integrated as well as independent. Depending upon your need you may procure the same. Basis your final requirement, we shall be able to provide you with the cost for the software.

The software SaSe – Sales and Service of Heavy and Light Equipment is available in 2 different versions. Windows based software version is developed in Visual Basic as front end with MS-SQL in back-end. The Web based (browser based) version is developed in Dot Net and C# with front end and MS SQL in back-end. Windows based version operates on in Windows environment in Local Area Network. Web based version works on internet and is browser based.

Entry into this software will be possible through the lay out of screens available in the software. Similarly the reports will be available as per the format already existing in the system. This software shall cover different activities of the organization through the following two modules as follows:-

Presales and Sales Module

This module shall provide for capturing enquiry till their conversion to sale. MIS reports available in this module helps Management in decision making. Area wise and segment wise enquiry and sales can be easily tracked. Stock of equipment/products and its aging is available. System also provides net amount saved for each equipment/product sale. Enquiries can be effectively tracked & followed up till they are converted into sale or lost to competition. Demonstration Schedule against enquiry can also be managed through the system. Equipment/product pricing and certain fixed information can be defined in the master module with limited access to users, thus securing master information.

Following options are available for entry into the system.

  • Reception Desk
  • Basic (Enquiry / Conversion to Billing
  • Enquiry Follow-up Updation
  • Enquiry Allotment Module
  • Equipment/product Order Booking
  • Reservation of Equipment/product (allotment)
  • Invoice Generation
  • Enquiry Closure screen
  • Sales Documents
  • Receipts
  • Equipment/product Purchase Order
  • Equipment/product Delivery Intimation
  • Equipment/product Receipt Entry
  • Stock Transfer to Branch
  • Stock Receipt
  • Target Setting / Target Vs Achievement

Service Module: -

Equipment/product service activities and parts management can be effectively managed through this module. Post service customer care activities are also available as a part of equipment/product service module, which will enable the organization in building a close relationship with their customer.

For all type of service and repairs of equipment/ product, this module can be used with following options, as per requirement and need. It will facilitate onsite as well as off-site maintenance. Off-site maintenance will be in the company’s service center. Off-site maintenance will be at the customer site. In case the client uses our web based product, the job card and its repairs can be recorded in the SaSe software system through the service engineers laptop, provided it is connected to the SaSe system and the engineer has the authorization to use the SaSe software.

  • PDI Job Card Opening
  • PDI Requisition
  • PDI Requisition Return
  • PDI Labor Entry
  • PDI Bill
  • Equipment/product Service Booking (Equipment/product Booking): -
  • Job Card Estimate
  • Job Card Opening
  • Job Card Item Details
  • Item Return Slip
  • Job Cards Labor Details
  • Job Bill Preparation
  • Warranty Parts Claim List
  • Repeat Job Analysis
  • Delayed Deliveries
  • Post Service Follow-up

Parts Module

Parts Module management from procurement of parts till sale and its reporting is available in the software. Parts transaction module consists of screens and reports.

  • Customer Purchase Order
  • Picking List
  • Dispatch Challan
  • Dispatch Challan Return
  • Counter Sale
  • Counter Sale Return
  • Stock Transfer to Branch
  • Stock Adjustment Notes
  • Reorder Calculation
  • Purchase Order
  • Stock Receipt from Branch
  • Material Receipt
  • Purchase Return

1. The product is Web based and the license to this product is sold client based per computer web server

2. The license fee is a one time license fee for the product

3. Thereafter Annual Maintenance Contract is available for annual support.

4. The warranty is for 6 months from the date of sale

5. The product supports up to 100 users depending upon the client hardware infrastructure and the database and other supporting software (Windows) etc procured and installed by the client on their server

Iterate has developed SASE which is ready for deployment at client locations.

Product Support

Iterate provides Support on this product is provided through

  • Installation Training at the time of installation of the software
  • Remote Login Support from IIPL Office
  • Email/ NetChat and telephonic interaction
  • On Site visit support (at client request)
  • Handholding training and support (at client request)