Club Management System

Club Management System

Iterate is offering a Club Management System which is very helpful for end to end operational functionality of Clubs / Hotels / Resorts / Banquets etc. to control the operations like

  • Membership Management
  • Front Office Management
  • Point of Sale Management
  • Back Office Management
  • Store Inventory Management
  • Accounting Management

The software will help in to get the business intelligence for better decision making and controlling the expenses of the club / hotel / resorts, once the system is online. The built-in business intelligence within the system provides you with the vital information needed to manage your business. We are sure the efficiency of club working will increase and the Management of the club will have better grip on information with immediate access to it.

The Club Management Systems is designed by the professionals, who hold vast experience in this domain. They make use of latest technology to design these systems.

The software has been developed in ASP.NET and C# and works on MS SQL database back end. The system is designed in such a manner so that, it will handled operations for multiple outlets or franchise.

The Club and Hotel Management software comprises of following modules:

  • Front Office Reservations
  • Point of Sale
  • Account Handling
  • Store and Inventory Management

Our product is known as CLUBM - Club Management Software. The CLUBM is total computing solution for managing the end to end operations of a Club, resorts and Hotel. MIS / Statistics provided by the system can play a vital role in decision making activity. Following area of operations of the club / hotel / resorts can be computerized by implementing the CLUBM product.

Front Office Reservations, Point of Sale and Account Handling module comprises of

  • Club membership subscription billing
  • Kitchen Order Ticketing
  • Club Members facility billing
  • Banquet booking and billing module
  • Room reservations

Store and Inventory module comprises of

  • Kitchen inventory through KOT
  • Stores Inventory

The features and options under each of the modules of Club Management Software are stated below.


The Front Office module will facilitate the club in managing their membership accounts, membership billing, room bookings and banquet bookings along with billing of facilities and foods. Once the module is installed, the user needs to enter the membership details with opening outstanding balance of the member. Thereafter, the club facility usage can be entered on daily basis for recreation activities, food consumptions etc. Monthly bills can be generated for members based on their monthly usage and consumption of club facilities. Also room bookings for members and their consumption of foods and usage of facilities can be billed on room bill which can be paid by the member on settling their room bill.

Banquets module will provide for booking of banquet halls and billing of the same. At the time of booking, membership number, number of guests, food menu details can be entered and a booking voucher can be printed.

The Front Office module will provide following transactions and reports. All data entry will be done through transactions screens which will serve as front end of the software. The main options for front office module will be provided as follows:

Club Membership Management

  • Member Enrolment
  • Cancellation of Member
  • Reactivate cancelled members
  • Change of Membership Type

Club Membership Subscription and Facility Billing

  • Recreation Slip
  • Monthly Bill and Statement Generation
  • Extraction of Subscription Bill
  • Interest Calculation
  • Mailers to members on outstanding and billing
  • Complementary billing

Point of Sale - Kitchen Order Ticketing

  • Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) Transaction
  • KOT cancellation
  • KOT Billing

Banquet booking and billing module

  • Banquet Booking
  • Banquet release
  • Banquet Menu
  • Kitchen Order Ticket (Banquet)
  • Banquet Billing

Room Reservations

  • Room Booking
  • Room Charges
  • Room Billing
  • Room Release

Payment Receipts

  • Receipts
  • Debit Note
  • Credit Note
  • Pay in Slip
  • Cheque realization


The Stores and Inventory module will facilitate the club in managing their inventory of stores effectively. Both the type of inventories, kitchen as well as general items can be maintained through this module. Once the module is installed, the user needs to enter the opening balance along with value of all items in addition to other field like item rate, item category that need to be captured. While receiving items, the purchase or store- in transfer will be required to be entered and while issuing the items, the issues or store out transfers need to be entered.

For Kitchen inventory all receipts will be captured through purchase whilst all issues will be entered thru issues. If required each ingredient with quantity can be mentioned per plate and, the same can be used to multiply by number of plates supplied through KOT. The total quantity derived from this can be considered as issue of each item from the kitchen inventory. In such a working full piece will be considered and not portion of it, especially for items like egg etc. Similarly Banquet KOTs can be used for issue of items from the kitchen for consumption.

The Stores and Inventory module will provide following transactions and reports. All data entry will be done through transactions screens which will serve as front end of the software. The main options for front office module will be provided as follows:

Kitchen Inventory


  • Receipt Voucher
  • Receipt (Adhoc) Voucher
  • Receipts on Loan Slips
  • Indent Request


  • Indents Receipt
  • Issues Voucher
  • KOT Issue Voucher
  • Loan Slips Voucher
  • Spoil/Damage Voucher

Stores Inventory


  • Purchase Order
  • Cash Purchase Receipts
  • Material Receipt Note
  • Store Receipt Note
  • Receipts on Loan Slips
  • Indent Request


  • Indents Receipts
  • Issues to Departments and Kitchen
  • Loan Slips Voucher
  • Spoil/Damage Voucher
  • Material Return Note

Physical Stock

Physical Stock entry option is for checking the computer stock with the actual physical stock in the stores. This may be required at the year end to check the stocks for the kitchen and stores. Process for physical stock is to generate a list of items in the stores without quantity. Count the items physically and write it on the sheet. After this is completed, the same to be entered into the computer system and a mismatch between physical and computer stock can be generated. Once the mismatch has been confirmed then stock adjustment Note (SAN) can be entered into the system in order to bring the computer stock equal to the physical stock.

  • Physical Stock Checklist
  • Physical Stock Entry
  • Stock Variation
  • Stock Adjustment Note – SAN

1. The product is Web based and the license to this product is sold client based per computer web server

2. The license fee is a one time license fee for the product

3. Thereafter Annual Maintenance Contract is available for annual support.

4. The warranty is for 6 months from the date of sale

5. The product supports up to 100 users depending upon the client hardware infrastructure and the database and other supporting software (Windows) etc procured and installed by the client on their server

Iterate has provided Club Management System to Club Patio, South City, Gurgaon, India and it is being used by them for their club operations for past 12 years

Product Support

Iterate provides Support on this product is provided through

  • Installation Training at the time of installation of the software
  • Remote Login Support from IIPL Office
  • Email/ NetChat and telephonic interaction
  • On Site visit support (at client request)
  • Handholding training and support (at client request)