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32 years experience in the automobile industry, with credits of implementing our workshop software at more than 3000 automobile service workshops and garages in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Nigeria, and years of extensive and onground experience in Automobile Workshop, our team is geared up to take any challenge in this sector.


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Iterate has developed Workshop Management Software under the name and style AutoControl. It helps automate all day to day activities of a workshop and is an advance software suite comprising of Service, Spare Parts and CRM modules. It is a web based version which works on internet environment and is browser based with ability to handle multiple outlets / branches of a single dealer/ multiple dealer.

Service and Spare Parts Management System

It is a comprehensive module designed to manage day to day activities of automobile workshop for vehicle service and spare parts management & it’s CRM.

The Service module helps take care of job card opening to billing. Also it will be a great tool to manage pre and post service customer care activities, which will enable the outlet in building a close relationship with their customer and The CRM module provides tried and trusted Service Reminders, Post Service Follow up activity etc.

The Parts Module helps manage procurement of parts till sale and its stock maintenance is an extensive feature of this software. Calculation of reorders based on part consumption and entry of vendor as well as customer purchase orders can help in better service ratios of parts.

AutoControl helps manage timely availability of parts, a crucial element for meeting delivery deadlines and ensuring customer satisfaction in service and repair. AutoControl software enables dynamic definition of maximum, minimum and re-order leveles of spares, based on consumption pattern, historical data and other pre-defined parameters.

With AutoControl you not only have complete power over your operations, you have the tools at hand to monitor. AutoControl helps you steer your company on the road to success enabling you to push up your revenue with better Customer Relationship Management, push down your operating costs through inventory optimization and increase productivity and accountability of your employees sharply.


Our product AutoControl software will surely define a simple path to manage the corner to corner activities of your entire automobile Workshop. It is one of the best state of art products available in market for small automobile Workshops to larger one. It is extremely user friendly in utilization / operation and very powerful for decision making. It comprises of 3 modules – Service, Spare and CRM. Depending upon your business requirement and need you may procure the same. Basis your final requirement, we shall be happy to provide you with a cost effective software.

Service, Parts and CRM Modules

Vehicle service activities and parts management can be effectively managed through this module. Post service customer care activities are also available as CRM for vehicle service module, which will enable the outlet in building a close relationship with their customer. Following forms will be available to process information pertaining to service and repair of vehicles.

Parts Module

  • Customer Purchase Order
  • Picking List
  • Dispatch Advice
  • Dispatch Advice Return
  • Stock Transfer to Branch
  • Stock Adjustment Notes
  • Reorder Calculation
  • Purchase Order
  • Stock Receipt from Branch
  • Material Receipt
  • Purchase Return

Service Module

  • Vehicle Service Booking (Vehicle Booking)
  • Job Card Estimate
  • Job Card Opening
  • Job Card Item Details
  • Job Card Item Return Slip
  • Job Cards Labor Details
  • Job Bill Preparation
  • Late Delivery
  • Repeat Job


  • After Service Contact (Post Service Followup)
  • Service Sales Contact (Service Reminders)
  • Customer Complaint

Special Features/Advantages

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On-Premise Hosting


Product Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Licensing or hosting one time or recurring annual?

Answer: One time purchase and annual hosting.

Feature upgrade will be provided or not?

Answer: Yes, provided the product is under AMC.

Whether product can be customized?

Answer: Customization is not applicable. However it may be considered case to case basis.

How Dealer Management System will help the dealers?

Answer: When the dealers lose the sales prospects, there is no proper organized appointment system, the dealers find a way to manage their finance, accounts and credit easily and organization is having difficulty staying up-to-date on the inventory.

Can it be hosted on cloud?

Answer: Yes.

Can it be hosted on Linux?

Answer: No, It can be hosted only on windows server. It can be run from only client OS.

Will you migrate our existing data?

Answer: Master data like vehicle or customer, parts, items can be migrated. Customer will need to provide the data in fixed templates to migrate the master data. Transaction data like jobs, history, bills, purchases and order etc will not be migrated.

Will you provide the application training?

Answer: Yes, training will be provided at the time of installation. We will also provide group trainings for new staff.

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